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Compiler Downloads

Here is the source code for the latest stable version of the compiler and interpreter, and binaries for selected operating systems. If you would like to supply an up-to-date binary distribution for an operating system not supported here, then please get in touch using the email link.

Tiny BASIC Interpreter and Compiler Source

Download: tinybasic-1.0.4.tar.gz
Size 45kb, downloads 1866.

This is a copy of (most of) what's in the GitHub repository. Principal files are the source code and Makefiles for building on a Linux system for various targets. Also included are documentation and BASIC sample programs. The README file is a plain text version of the GitHub README.md file. In brief, to build on a Linux system, extract the archive, change to the tinybasic-1.0.4 directory, and run make as per the following commands: tar xzf tinybasic-1.0.4 ... (read more...)

Tiny BASIC for Windows

Download: tinybasic-1.0.4-win.zip
Size 139kb, downloads 1410.

This ZIP archive contains the Windows binary, along with a PDF version of the manual, and the BASIC sample games. Here's how to install and use it. First you need to install it; download the ZIP and double click on it. It's not an MSI installer; you'll need to make/choose a folder to extract the files to. I reccommend something like  C:\Users\YOURNAME\TinyBASIC . Tiny BASIC is a command line program. To use it, launch  CMD.EXE (press Windows ... (read more...)

Tiny BASIC for DOS

Download: tbdos104.zip
Size 37kb, downloads 1197.

Tiny BASIC works for DOS. This ZIP file contains the DOS executable, the sample games, and a text file containing the manual. To install the program, go to the root directory of your C: drive (or wherever you keep your applications, if elsewhere), and type: PKUNZIP -d tbdos104.zip This will create the  tbdos104  directory and extract the Tiny BASIC package into it. To run one of the Tiny BASIC sample files, or one of your own programs, ... (read more...)


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