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Version 1.0.1 Released

Sunday, 17th November 2019

Despite the project being "finished", TinyBASIC is still undergoing development, and the first bug fix has been released. There's also been a reorganisation of the git repository.

The bug was relatively minor. If you issued a command with a nonexistent filename, prefixed by some options, the first of those options would be reported as a nonexistent file. This was confusing as it implied that the option had been mistyped rather than the filename.

The bug fix has been released as version 1.0.1 and all the downloads on the Compiler Downloads page will now give you this version. Historical releases aren't available but will be added on request.

The GitHub Repository

The latest source code is also available from https://github.com/cyningstan/TinyBASIC. There you have access to all the branches. The master branch is the latest release. There is also a development branch, which is the latest runnable but unreleased version. This will run the sample games and any others that would also run under the release version. But it may contain incomplete new features. Other branches' latest commits may not be in a runnable state.

At the moment, internal improvements are going on (see Object-oriented Programming in C? for details). Once these are complete, it is hoped to expand TinyBASIC to run programs in notable historical versions, such as Tom Pittman's version and Palo Alto Tiny BASIC. There is no plan to add original features, beyond the optional line numbers already included in version 1.0.0.


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