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Tiny BASIC 1.0.2 Released!

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

Another bug fix release is available for the Tiny BASIC Interpreter and Compiler Project. The bug affected error reporting; while the source line number was always reported correctly, the line label was not. When an error occurred on a line with a label, the previous line label was reported. This was particularly confusing for traditional source files where every line had a label. Now, the correct line label is reported.

The latest version is 1.0.2, and also includes the improved BASIC sample programs, as well as various internal improvements that will help in implementing extended versions of Tiny BASIC. You can download the source and the Windows executable from the Compiler Downloads page. The DOS version will be available shortly; if DOS users want access to the improved BASIC examples then the ones in the Tiny BASIC Interpreter and Compiler Source package will run fine in Tiny BASIC 1.0.1 for DOS.

The latest development and master branches in the Github repository are another way to get hold of the improved version; there's also a tag 1.0.2 under which this version will be available even after subsequent versions are released.

Followup note: Tiny BASIC 1.0.2 for DOS is now available here.


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