Interpreter and Compiler Project

Tiny BASIC Interpreter and Compiler Source

Download: tinybasic-1.0.4.tar.gz
Size 45kb, downloads 1834.

This is a copy of (most of) what's in the GitHub repository. Principal files are the source code and Makefiles for building on a Linux system for various targets. Also included are documentation and BASIC sample programs. The README file is a plain text version of the GitHub README.md file.

In brief, to build on a Linux system, extract the archive, change to the tinybasic-1.0.4 directory, and run make as per the following commands:

tar xzf tinybasic-1.0.4
cd tinybasic-1.0.4
make && sudo make install

This will compile the tinybasic executable, and install it in your /usr/local/bin directory. The manual and the sample BASIC games will be installed under the /usr/local directory tree as detailed in the README file.


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