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Tiny BASIC for Windows

Download: tinybasic-1.0.4-win.zip
Size 139kb, downloads 1410.

This ZIP archive contains the Windows binary, along with a PDF version of the manual, and the BASIC sample games. Here's how to install and use it.

First you need to install it; download the ZIP and double click on it. It's not an MSI installer; you'll need to make/choose a folder to extract the files to. I reccommend something like C:\Users\YOURNAME\TinyBASIC.

Tiny BASIC is a command line program. To use it, launch CMD.EXE (press Windows+R, type cmd and press OK) and change to the directory where you extracted Tiny BASIC, e.g.


To run a BASIC program, type tinybasic followed by its name, e.g.

tinybasic lander.bas

You can edit any of the programs or create your own using a text editor like Notepad. The manual is a PDF you can just double click to read in Windows Explorer.


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