Interpreter and Compiler Project

Files for Download

The following pages hold files that are free to download. If you have anything to contribute, then please get in touch by email (but please don't send attachments without prior arrangement).

Compiler Downloads

Here is the source code for the latest stable version of the compiler and interpreter, and binaries for selected operating systems. If you would like to supply an up-to-date binary distribution for an operating system not supported here, then please get in touch using the email link. (read more...)

Games in BASIC

There are six classic games supplied as part of the compiler package itself. Other games, especially new and original ones, will be added here. You can run them from source using the interpreter, or use it to compile them into executables for your operating system. Feel free to play around with the source code and experiment! (read more...)

Subroutine Library

Useful subroutines will be added for download here. You'll probably have to modify the line numbers to fit them into your program. You might have to rename the variables too, if they interfere with an existing program you'd like to slot the subroutines into. (read more...)


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