Interpreter and Compiler Project

Games in BASIC

There are six classic games supplied as part of the compiler package itself. Other games, especially new and original ones, will be added here. You can run them from source using the interpreter, or use it to compile them into executables for your operating system. Feel free to play around with the source code and experiment!

Intergalactic Space Rescue

Download: rescue.bas
Size 6kb, downloads 1047.

"Fools! Don't they know that space is dangerous ?" In this game, you pilot a space rescue vessel looking for stricken starships to rescue their crew and passengers. Starting on a relatively easy mission, you must follow the signal from a rescue beacon to find the shipwreck sending the distress signal. You know how far away the wreck is by the strength of the signal, but not the direction, so you must move towards where the signal gets ... (read more...)

Kingdom of the Lyre

Download: kingdom2.bas
Size 20kb, downloads 1005.

A text adventure in a language without string handling? That's Kingdom of the Lyre! The world is beset by evil forces invading from the underworld. Your people have knowledge of an ancient magical lyre that can banish those forces using the power of beautiful music. But nobody knows where it is! You need to wander around the land, searching out the lyre, and bring it back to your village. While you do this, the underworld army will seek ... (read more...)


Download: cbreaker.bas
Size 2kb, downloads 617.

This is the classic code breaking game. The computer chooses a 4-digit number composed of the digits 1-6, and you have to try to guess it in ten attempts or fewer. The computer gives you clues: a black peg for each digit you guess correctly, and a white peg for each digit you guess but put in the wrong place. (read more...)


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