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Bug fixed in Kingdom of the Lyre

Sunday, 26th April 2020

A bug has been fixed in Kingdom of the Lyre, the fantasy adventure game in the downloads section. Previously, when fleeing from an attack, the location you fled back to would have different terrain and exit paths to those it had last time you visited. Returning to it through normal travel would see it restored to its natural state.

While this seemed like a charming magical or psychological effect, it wasn't the intended behaviour, so it has been corrected. Now, if you set out from a location, meet with an enemy you'd rather not deal with and flee, you will return to that location and find it exactly as you left it.

You can download the updated game source from its own Kingdom of the Lyre download page. If you haven't seen the game before, it's definitely worth a look as it illustrates what can be written in such a simple language.


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