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Kingdom of the Lyre

Download: kingdom2.bas
Size 20kb, downloads 942.

A text adventure in a language without string handling? That's Kingdom of the Lyre!

The world is beset by evil forces invading from the underworld. Your people have knowledge of an ancient magical lyre that can banish those forces using the power of beautiful music. But nobody knows where it is! You need to wander around the land, searching out the lyre, and bring it back to your village. While you do this, the underworld army will seek you out. If you find the lyre before the forces of the underworld catch you, you must return it to your village where the elders will release its magic.

The game was put together as hastily as that plot line. Like Intergalactic Space Rescue, it's a demonstration of procedural generation to create a world larger than can be stored by Tiny BASIC. It was written for PROCJAM 2019, an event where developers get together to create programs that create things by procedural generation.

Note: this download provides a slightly improved version with clearer menu prompts than that submitted for the JAM.


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