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A New Tiny BASIC Game!

Sunday, 10th November 2019

Something new has been added to the Games in BASIC page. As he mentioned in last week's blog post, Damian entered the PROCJAM 2019 programming jam with a simple adventure game. This was finished on time and submitted as an entry, and at the same time uploaded on this site.

Kingdom of the Lyre has a standard fantasy setting with a ropey plot that was put together as hastily as the game itself. The jam had an optional theme of "heritage", which inspired the story but the link is very tenuous. A magical lyre has the power to defeat the forces of the underworld, which are invading the kingdom. The player must find the lyre and return it to the village, where the elders can use its power. The world is an 80x80 map with four different terrain types that are there for flavour only.

You can download the game's source code from here. If you want a pre-compiled executable for Linux or Windows, then you can get one from the project's page on itch.io.


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