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Picking Things Back Up

Tuesday, 18th February 2020

Development of TinyBASIC has been on hiatus since before Christmas, but things are moving again. The task of refactoring TinyBASIC's code into a more object-oriented style is still going on—see Object-oriented Programming in C? for more details).

Those who are following the GitHub repository might have noticed a few odd updates today. An unfinished change was accidentally committed to the master branch back in November. That commit has been removed, the change was finished, and everything was committed again to the proper branches.

At some point in the future an explanation of the GitHub repository might be added to this site, but in brief, the repo allows you to get hold of the latest stable, development and other work-in-progress versions of TinyBASIC, including obsolete versions. The master branch is intended to provide the latest stable version.


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